What is Keoken?

Keoken is a second Layer solution that involves a digital accounting asset and secure smart contracts platform. Focused on real world use cases, approaching them in an efficient and simple way, it intends to cover most of the situations that involve transfers of value between parties and the business rules required to run most common activities. Keoken is an open source protocol with a performance reference implementation. It is designed to evolve and adapt over time following market trends and user requirements using a multi-layer dynamic governance system.

What do we offer?

We offer you the possibility to create your own asset with its own set of rules defined by you on a platform that you control with your vote. Keoken has an account based approach in order to be more user friendly and provide multi-asset simplified transaction capabilities. Additionally it fills the gap between reliable cryptocurrency protocols and less reliable smart contracts platforms by defining a small set of simple transaction formats that can be the backbone in the construction of smart contracts.

use cases

New Keoken's Services

With the Keoken Wallet, you can receive and send Keo through the Bitcoin Cash test network. Also available is a new explorer adapted to track Keoken transactions through the BCH testnet and a faucet to receive your first Keo.

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Blockchain second layer platform

Decentralized technologies promise to facilitate our lives. But they are struggling with scalability and finding a way to adapt to our necessities. This is our platform's main reason of existence.


Our platform offers a small set of simple transaction formats that covers the majority of real life commercial exchanges. Smart Contracts can be constructed in cases where more complexity is needed.


Second layers offer a more efficient way of using the blockchain. Additionally, our protocol interpreter guarantees the optimization of computing resources.


Keoken is designed to dynamically adapt to changing market conditions by including rules and processes to mold any aspect of the Keoken ecosystem. We promote and encourage parties to freely define their own exchange rules.


Our security model relies on the strength of Bitcoin Cash's POW, building a multi-layer dynamic governance system on top of it and giving asset owners control over the rules that affect their assets.


Since 2014, our multidisciplinary team has been creating tools that help and attract developers to boost a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Bitprim's main pillars are transparency, professionalism, customer service and collaboration with other teams. Keoken is an open protocol with a performance reference implementation built from scratch leveraging Bitprim-Node advanced features. Bitprim headquarters are based in Argentina.

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